CRA Company– Changing Realities Art Company, draws itīs inspiration and artistic incentives on Finno-Ugric tradition and mythic world view of Kalevala, the Finnish holy national epic. Even time has dimmed the past world and the roots have almost been forgotten there is still the touch of nature and magic in the soul of every Finn. People all around the world quiet down when watching fire, earth and water give life to them, they breathe air and feel the windīs touch.. We are all a part of the nature around us and canīt be separated from the Creation. Artists of CRA Company put into practice their own intuitions and visions of reality connecting the time and space of different lives.

CRA wants to bring forth the memory which can revive longing for hearing oneself in silence, sense strongly and live unique miraculous life.

We welcome you to visit our homepage, enjoy and walk with us a moment. Look and be astonished the world around you; everyone is having a sun, moon and stars hidden inside oneself. Be well!