27.-28.11.2007 Mini exhibition "On the Path of a Wild Reindeer Woman"

4.-15.6.2008 Multiartistic exhibition and performance- event "On the Path of a Wild Reindeer Woman" at Gallery Alli, Kerava. Look what was happening in addition to the exhibition. Samples of poetry and photos from, The Warrior, The Wild Reindeer Woman, The Barky Lady of the Woods, The Parturient of the World 

Photos from Gallery Alli

1.-25.9 "TROUGH TIME AND SILENCE" An art exhibition at the library of Kerava is introducing the work of CRA Company. Photos of mythical women by Ilkka Kallio and bone- and feltworks by Anne Jouhtinen are shown during  at the art wall and in the vitrines.

3.-14.6.2009 Multiartistic exhibition and performance- event  at Gallery Alli, Kerava.


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