Anne Jouhtinen has been working as a choreographer- dancer over 20 years and is a founder member and artistic director of Dance Theatre KAIE.

In addition to dance she finds dance theatre and colourful performance art very important ways of making her visions visible. E.g. squares, parks, streets, call-boxes and shop windows are playing roles as stages also; bringing art outside the theatre is typical side of Anne´s work as a performer.

During the years making art has started to include also poems, songs, handicrafts and piece of art made from gifts of nature; skulls, pelts and bones, stone, wood and wool are tools for her.

Jouhtinen has always been very interested in photography and after becoming acquainted with Ilkka Kallio a new epoch began in making art. The mythical picture of the world started to get a visible form…

Nature, animal kingdom, traditional knowledge, fairy tales, magic and stories…Our Finno-Ugric roots are strong and rich.




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